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Your June Numerology Forecast | The AstroTwins

Nurture your relationships and beautify your surroundings! June is a 6 Month in numerology, directing our universal attention to all issues home. Ask Alexa to stream slightly Sister Sledge. “We Are Family” might be the theme track of the month.

Our resident numbers guru, Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist, shares your Monthly Numerology forecast.

The power of the 6 draws relationships to the highest of the priority listing.

Even in the event you’d quite bounce into your one-seat kayak and paddle away, reply Cupid’s call. Comply with by means of on obligations and honor any promises you’ve made to your favourite plus-ones. Earlier than you interact in anything new, nevertheless, be sure your involvement comes from the guts.

Warning: The power of a 6 Month can deliver out your internal Decide-y McJudgerson. Hold expectations affordable and verify your self whenever you get too important. Duties might feel weighty at occasions, however don’t play the martyr. As an alternative, deploy the artistic and visionary powers a 6 Month brings and brainstorm options together with your partners as an alternative of by your self.

Maintain studying in your Life Path quantity’s June numerology forecast.

What’s Your Number? Calculate Your Life Path Numerology:

The Life Path number is just like the Sun Sign up astrology. It directs your general character and represents the “fuel” that carries you in the direction of your destiny. To calculate your Life Path quantity, add up all the digits in your birthday. For example:

Birthday: 6-27-1988
6 + 2 + 7 + 1 + 9 + eight + eight = 41

Then, add once more till you get to a single digit, between 1 and 9.
4 + 1 = 5
Life Path Quantity: 5

Notice: If your birthday first adds up to 11, 22 or 33, you have got a Master Quantity as your Life Path. You’ll be able to learn the overall traits of your Life Path quantity here.


1 Life Path | The Progressive Leader

1 Numerology

Where you lead, they may comply with. As a 1 Life Path, you possibly can information and provides course with authority. These expertise can be honed and examined this month as you incorporate the family-friendly vibes that a 6 Month brings. Positive, you could be succesful enough to forge a path via a dense tropical forest with solely a machete and a compass. All the identical, June evokes you so as to add slightly “us” power to your “me” time.  For example, is it time to put a backyard panorama design on paper and get that venture in motion? Enlist the youngsters (or close buddies) to deliver the scheme from a napkin sketch to a verdant wonderland, offering mild instruction and adding a couple of laughs (if not well-timed ice cream breaks) alongside the best way.  The 1 Life Path thrives whenever you’re in cost, and yet in an effort to lead, you need followers! The largest problem for you this June can be in allowing different individuals to participate in your missions without auto-piloting into the bossypants position. As an alternative, encourage their input and give it genuine consideration—even if it doesn’t quite align together with your initial imaginative and prescient.

2 Life Path  | The Diplomat

2 Numerology

You’re in your factor during a 6 Month, since residence, household and relationships are already the nucleus of your world. Throughout this romantic month, a soulmate might appear—that elusive someone who’s been working on manifesting you into their life! Are you ready to interact? Close the opinion polls. There’s no room for second-guessing yourself or worrying about what everybody else expects from you. Whenever you comply with your internal steerage, you’ll be within the good mindset to make a true connection. Are you getting over a break-up, or dealing with a relationship in flux? Because of the cooperative, “we” power of the 6 Month, a artistic answer might emerge that brings back the love. Otherwise you’ll release this partnership in probably the most enlightened method potential. Brace yourself: More duty might be thrown your method—as if that’s even potential for the already emotionally overloaded 2 Life Path. Maintain your people-pleasing tendencies in examine. If your plate is full—or you’re merely not up for the task—the kindest thing you can do for everyone is to only say no.

11/2 Life Path  |  The Religious Illuminator

11 Numerology

Notice: When you’ve got an 11/2 Life Path, it’s an incredible concept to read both the 1 and a couple of forecasts, since you will resonate with both of those numbers as well as the power of the 11.

The journey of the 11/2 Life Path is never a delicate walk via a rose garden. Being a religious warrior is tough work, in any case! The power of the responsible and relationship-centered 6 Month hits house for you, though, yet it’d set off some resentment at occasions. Together with your inventive impulses activated, you’re able to dive into artistic tasks. Concurrently, chances are you’ll have to put a couple of ardour tasks on maintain with a view to dedicate consideration to your family and romantic companion. Arrange barbecues and picnics, supply emotional help to a pal (or love interest) who’s going by way of a troublesome time. And don’t worry, the sensible ideas will hold coming. Combined with the visionary vibe of the 6 Month, you may wake up at 3AM with a obtain of music lyrics or the subsequent chapter of your guide. In fact, you possibly can also get the “Eureka!” answer to a burning question you’ve been ruminating on for months when you’re on a gelato break together with your sister. As an alternative of isolating your self, see what emerges once you get ideas out of your head and into dialog.

3 Life Path  |  The Artistic Communicator

3 Numerology

Next stop: Inventive Nirvana!  As an ultra-imaginative 3 Life Path, you’re all the time creating some “crazy” concept. Through the visionary 6 Month, you’ll be in your component. Whether or not you’re writing a screenplay, perfecting the messaging of your personal “brand,” or cultivating an organic garden, go all in. As your artistic juices movement, chances are you’ll be required to carry some further duty. Whereas this may really feel daunting, embrace the problem together with your natural enthusiasm. Wondering what’s next on your love life? The nurturing and relationship-focused 6 Month supplies fertile ground for romantic developments of the intense, “Are we doing this or not?” variety. Certainly one of your challenges as a three Life Path is learning the best way to converse your fact. June might put you to the check. When conflict arises with household or a companion, escape of an previous, stifling dynamic by truthfully sharing how you are feeling.

four Life Path |  The Methods Builder & Instructor

4 Numerology

As a 4 Life Path, you thrive if you’re anchored in predictable routines. Excellent news! The accountable, domestic power of a 6 Month shall be your cup of iced chai. This June, cozy time at house and household bonding take priority. This is a perfect month to “clean house” on all fronts, whether you’re giving your closets a full Marie Kondo remedy or pruning the lifeless weight from your social media feeds. By the same token, don’t veer to the other excessive, particularly should you’re in the midst of relationship negotiations. As a four Life Path, you’ll be able to fall prey to rigidity. The nurturing power of June’s 6 Month lends flexibility, so contemplate the other individual’s perspective. Oftentimes, you’re probably the most accountable individual in the room. But don’t pull out a laundry listing of all of the belongings you’ve achieved to make use of as a weapon. This can be a great month to research relationship dynamics creatively, and in addition own up to your part within the conflict. Over-giving and over-functioning could be simply as detrimental to partnerships as not doing enough. Release the necessity to management it all and see what happens! By the top of June, necessary connections might rebalance themselves.

(In this video, Tali and our resident numerologist Felicia Bender explain the importance of 2019, which is a three Common Yr.)

22/four Life Path  |  The Master Builder & Instructor

22 Numerology

Observe: In case you have a 22/4 Life Path, it’s an excellent concept to read both the 2 and four forecasts, since you will resonate with each of those numbers in addition to the power of the 22.

As a 22/4, the pragmatic and emotional sides of yourself seem to be in an eternal arm-wrestling match. June brings a surge of family-and-friend targeted time, so let softer feelings take the driving force’s seat. You’ve earned a permission slip to chill out and join together with your internal circle. Escape the gardening tools and get your arms dirty within the yard. Perhaps you’ve been redecorating your bed room or deciding on a vibrant colour to paint an accent wall. Benefit from the means of getting your area so as and infusing your setting with a recent power. This could prolong to the workplace as your mind, body and spirit. As a naturally intuitive soul, you’ll be able to actually really feel the stagnant power, can’t you? June is the time to clear it out, air it out, and work it out!

5 Life Path  |  The Sensual Freedom Seeker

5 Numerology

The dynamic, glamorous 5 Life Path might really feel like a fish out of water through the relationship-focused 6 Month. Your mantra could also be “Don’t fence me in!” and yet in June you’ll need to select up a brush and help paint the fence. What?!  Never worry, fab 5! When you choose exploring and pushing boundaries, you’ll be able to still thrive in your short-term position as “support staff.” Being of humble service is actually a tremendous problem to tackle. In the process, you’ll achieve major appreciation in your fans, and the quiet souls in your loved ones circle who all the time have your again. Prolong your self! Convey dinner to a good friend who’s going by means of a breakup, arrange a household seashore day, step as much as a daunting duty at work, one which may even feel a tad restrictive. On the subject of relationships, the 6 Month supports your urge to merge. Are you able to (gulp!) make a commitment? In that case, declare your love (or your infatuation) boldly, with the fearless verve that the 5 Life Path is legendary for. Circumstances this June might depart you actively considering what house means to you. Even the 5 Life Path needs a strong base. Improve to new digs (ideally in an area that’s thriving with cultural activities) or feather your current nest so it fits your 2019 type.

6 Life Path  |  The Nurturing Visionary

6 Numerology

As a 6 Life Path, you’re in your component this June, which is a 6 Month in numerology. Immerse yourself in the very belongings you hold pricey—family, relationships and creativity. As a duty-bound creature, fun typically will get filed to the underside of your priority listing. While your sense of duty is noble, it could trigger you to overlook out on the juiciest elements of life. Open up some white area in your calendar for one-on-one time with bae; or, should you’re single, to dress up and go mingle at venues the place your future soulmate may be hanging out. When you’re a father or mother, June gives prime time to spend with the youngsters as they start summer time break. Get family activities on the books. Simply be sure to share the planning duties, so that you don’t wind up exhausted and resentful earlier than you hit the water park or petting zoo. Though this suggestion may sound frivolous, it’s a tall order for a 6 Life Path. Typically, you could have little clue about how a lot duty you’re shouldering. Then there’s the fact that you wrestle with accepting help! Challenge your self to delegate a process or four. The aid you are feeling may turn into habit-forming!  With June’s partnership-focused power, this is usually a magical month for a enterprise proposition to take flight—or pay off! Infuse your normal nurturing allure and creativity and you’ll see huge dividends.

33/6 Life Path  |  The Religious Instructor & Joyful Nurturer

33 Numerology

Notice: When you’ve got a 33/6 Life Path, it’s a terrific concept to read each the 3 and 6 forecasts, since you will resonate with each of those numbers in addition to the power of the 33.

What fires are you presently trying to include? As a 33/6, you typically wind up enjoying peacemaker for your family and good friend teams. (You may even feel like a walking, talking hearth extinguisher at occasions!) However how are you going to supply your regular, loving help without getting so…involved? June, which is a 6 Month, might arrange the last word impediment course for the 33/6 Life Path. As interpersonal dynamics develop into heavy and sophisticated throughout you, the problem is to step again from the dysfunction as an alternative of diving in. This may be robust for a giving and responsible soul comparable to yourself. However moderately than fixing everyone’s problems, how about working alongside them to seek out options? On a personal degree, work more durable to launch perfectionism. You’ll miss out on all of the fun this month in case you insist on having every part finished “just so.” Family and friends would somewhat see you relaxed and enjoying yourself, even when meaning operating out of hamburger buns at the barbecue or being a couple of minutes late to the opening set of a present.

7 Life Path  |  The Analyst & Seeker

7 Numerology

Have you heard the term, “at sixes and sevens?” It principally means “a state of confusion and disorder, or of disagreement between parties.” This month, that expression takes on an added dimension of which means for you. As a 7 Life Path, your eager mind and sharp analytic expertise are your most epic superpowers. But June is a 6 Month, which requires you to make use of more coronary heart than head. Beneath this warm-fuzzy affect, you’ll be able to explore the nuances of emotional connectivity, even in the event you really feel a bit out of your lane. That’s not to say you gained’t relish the home- and family-based dynamics the 6 Month brings. However the accountable, “work first, play later,” mantra of the 6 might feel stifling to a free-spirit like your self. Nonetheless, June presents you a singular alternative to throw yourself into relationships and foster their progress by way of consistent effort. You possibly can discover new methods to “be there” on your individuals, whether your romantic companion, enterprise associates or essential family members. When socializing, amble out of your consolation zone and get weak. As an alternative of hiding behind jokes, let individuals see how deeply you care.

eight Life Path  |  The Manifestation Maven

As an 8 Life Path you’re typically the pillar, the rock—the one to lean on. And to be trustworthy, you fairly benefit from the rush of power this brings. You’ll have a chance to flex your take-charge skills underneath the accountable affect of the 6 Month. June might discover you stepping right into a leadership position with your family and social circle, which you’ll do willingly. Corral your entourage and get some memorable summer time activities on everyone’s calendar. From music pageant weekends to softball games within the park, there’s nothing the eight Life Path can’t manage and manage. June can also be a perfect month to work all those VIP connections you’ve collected by way of your personal shifting and shaking. Have you learnt the hostess at that impossible-to-get-into restaurant? Perhaps she might finagle a desk for you and your crew. Need some high-profile testimonials in your web site? Prolong your providers to some influencers in trade for buzz. Should you don’t ask, you don’t get. Simply make sure to interact with clear and heart-centered intentions, and you may’t go incorrect. Since 6 is a relationship-focused power, are there any solo endeavors that could possibly be become dynamic duos? Who knows? With your small business savvy, you may even start a home-based aspect hustle together with your S.O.

9 Life Path  |  The Inspired Altruist

9 Numerology

Haul out the grill and get these summer time plans on the books! As a 9 Life Path, you’ll revel in the family-friendly vibes of the 6 Month. You’re a pure “giver,” and you by no means miss a chance to help your loved ones. However this June, you might have to tame that impulse to avoid burning out. Strengthen your personal boundaries and lean in to your natural negotiating expertise. You don’t have to show individuals down once they come to you for a favor, however how about negotiating a compromise so you’ll be able to help without feeling burdened? Rely on a couple of simmering moments, too, the place you should ask others to have your back. (Positive, that can feel like strolling on scorching coals for a 9 Life Path, but apply makes good.) Circulate a few of the 6 Month’s nurturing power in the direction of your self and head to a restorative yoga retreat. Or take a romantic seashore trip together with your favourite plus-one. Beneath the month’s home power, turn your property into your sacred oasis. How about establishing a meditation area or room for enjoying music and making art?

Felicia BenderFelicia Bender, Ph.D is “The Practical Numerologist” and the writer of Redesign Your Life: Utilizing Numerology To Create The Wildly Optimal You. To study extra numerology from Felicia, order customized stories and ebook a studying, go to

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