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Your July Numerology Forecast | The AstroTwins

July is a 7 month in numerology. Reflective internal work is the theme. This mystical quantity favors introspection and considerate pauses.

Our resident numbers guru, Felicia Bender, The Sensible Numerologist, shares your Month-to-month Numerology forecast.

The power of the 7 carries a excessive vibration that turns up the quantity in your internal voice.

A 7 month prompts you to ponder some monumental issues. A breathwork facilitator I do know means that when your thoughts needs to assign blame or judgement, as an alternative you pause and ask yourself, “What if this doesn’t mean what I think it means?” (Make that your apply for July!)

Tune in and take heed to your self this month. Perhaps you help this internal work by taking a class, putting a deposit on a retreat or studying mind-expanding books.

Hold studying on your Life Path number’s July numerology forecast.

What’s Your Quantity? Calculate Your Life Path Numerology:

The Life Path quantity is just like the Solar Sign up astrology. It directs your general character and represents the “fuel” that carries you in the direction of your future. To calculate your Life Path number, add up all the digits in your birthday. For instance:

Birthday: 6-27-1988
6 + 2 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 41

Then, add again until you get to a single digit, between 1 and 9.
4 + 1 = 5
Life Path Quantity: 5

Word: In case your birthday first adds as much as 11, 22 or 33, you’ve got a Grasp Number as your Life Path. You’ll be able to learn the overall characteristics of your Life Path quantity here.


1 Life Path | The Progressive Leader

1 Numerology

Underneath the power of the number 7, July instills a sense of marvel, an invitation to decelerate, even should you’re considering challenge enlargement. Permit your ideas and concepts time to steep. Ponder: What info or crucial enter is missing? Where am I feeling off-kilter? Fill in the blanks earlier than you cost forward missing knowledge. July can also be prime time for deepening companion connections. Really helpful reading is The 5 Love Languages—for yourself and anybody necessary to you! For those who’re single, step into areas you sometimes keep away from and chances are you’ll create a basis on your goals.

2 Life Path  | The Diplomat

2 Numerology

You’re at your greatest once you’re making issues occur in your favorite circles—with household, pals or entourage. Dive into a religious retreat (beachside, perhaps?) or a web-based course. Ship invites to your crew for a mastermind session. This month you could be pushed to see uncomfortable elements of yourself, forcing you to recalculate. Sharp instinct is one among your superpowers. The spiritually wealthy 7 month sparks perception that gives a profound degree of therapeutic—or at the very least helps you leap into necessary levels of self-awareness. My advisable seashore learn or audiobook for you right now’s Brene Brown’s The Presents of Imperfection.

11/2 Life Path  |  The Religious Illuminator

11 Numerology

Word: In case you have an 11/2 Life Path, it’s a fantastic concept to learn both the 1 and a couple of forecasts, since you will resonate with both of these numbers as well as the power of the 11.

Prepare for revelations! Which space of your life do you plan to mastering? Enlargement is coming, even should you feel like you’re in the weeds right now. Whether or not it’s an invention, product or service concept that needs tweaks earlier than launch, take time to do the research that may enable you to make sound decisions. Your strategy might embrace a partnership with somebody you’ve worked with beforehand. Barreling via to your objective gained’t reduce it. Brush off or level-up intimacy with new communication tools. My beneficial read for you proper now’s Laura Day’s basic Practical Intuition: How To Harness The Power of Your Intuition and Make It Work For You.

three Life Path  |  The Artistic Communicator

3 Numerology

Use the contemplative vibe of this 7 month to take a brief sabbatical. Are you feeling burnt out? Stop. Are you pushing without a lot to point out for it? Use July to regroup, recoup and reinvent. Self-reflection is a sensible funding of your time now. If it is advisable get critical about funds, you’ll really feel empowered in the event you design a price range you possibly can reside with. July can also be a superb month for you to mirror on relationships and to nurture your connections. The power of the 7 brings up emotions to the floor and opens your mind to various healing methods. Have you tried tapping? That is a simple technique you need to use instantly for emotional launch and whole-body stability.

four Life Path |  The Methods Builder & Instructor

4 Numerology

This July, your have to read may feel like an obsession. Both quantity 4 and 7 are info sponges, and you’ll find a lot to review now. The power of the month also motivates you to map long-range objectives for the rest of the yr. As a 4 Life Path, you possibly can simply get immersed within the sensible elements of life. Throughout July, chances are you’ll peek backstage and explore something that stokes your emotional curiosity. It’s not snug for Life Path 4 to try this deeper work, however by sitting together with your emotions as an alternative of reacting, you’ll achieve a lot readability.

(On this video, Tali and our resident numerologist Felicia Bender explain the significance of 2019, which is a 3 Universal Yr.)

22/4 Life Path  |  The Grasp Builder & Instructor

22 Numerology

Observe: When you’ve got a 22/4 Life Path, it’s an awesome concept to read each the 2 and four forecasts, since you will resonate with both of those numbers as well as the power of the 22.

Get out your reading glasses! July supports all issues R&D and you’ll be giddy to dive into a research venture. The subject might be something that spurs your religious progress. Contemplate a category to take your apply deeper or improve your expertise: meditation, gardening, images. This will likely require just a little cash investment, however the long-term benefits shall be value it. Given your skeptical nature, you may take pleasure in my advisable guide for you this month, Pam Grout’s e-book E (squared): 9 Do-It-Yourself Power Experiments That Show Your Ideas Create Your Reality.

5 Life Path  |  The Sensual Freedom Seeker

5 Numerology

Brace yourself for more sensitive emotions this month. Your effusive nature is perhaps interrupted by waves of emotion that you simply don’t all the time entertain. The greatest strategy to experience it is perhaps to pack a suitcase and go! If your passport is expired or you’ll be able to’t make the trek, explore new concepts and interests. You could come upon one thing that turns into a source of calm, from an area meditation retreat to a world music or movie pageant. No matter outlet you choose, July presents a gap to tune in to your religious nature.

6 Life Path  |  The Nurturing Visionary

6 Numerology

The place is stability lacking in your life? July’s numerology makes this, along with relationships, a scorching matter. Your connections are up for assessment—an audit which will feel unusually intense. Is there somebody in your circle who must be gently released? Or, has a sure individual earned a standing promotion? In the event you’re nurturing new enterprise associations, this can be a nice time to water that crop. Make time for your vision, and don’t get so busy taking good care of everybody else that it falls by the wayside. Dig into yourself this month and carve out some you time.

33/6 Life Path  |  The Religious Instructor & Joyful Nurturer

33 Numerology

Notice: If in case you have a 33/6 Life Path, it’s an ideal concept to learn both the 3 and 6 forecasts, since you will resonate with both of these numbers in addition to the power of the 33.

Ground management to Major Tom! This month you might feel like you’re sleeping on an lively volcano. Can you are feeling the rumble in your position as counselor, instructor, and nurturer? Deeper truths reveal themselves to you as you open yourself up to them. If family dynamics have been turbulent, they could seem extra dramatic now. Watch out for pushing individuals’s set off factors. When things get heated, hold emotional distance and allow issues to unfold with out interfering.

7 Life Path  |  The Analyst & Seeker

7 Numerology

Your philosophical nature is out full-force this month, as you vibe with the double 7 vibration. Is a deep-seated situation holding you up at night time? Have you ever been avoiding or tiptoeing around the inevitable in a relationship? Or maybe you’re fighting a career selection and that’s taking over extra bandwidth than it should. Whatever challenge you’re working with, it might come at you with gale drive this month. Your natural 7 power is methodical and considerate, so don’t bounce or settle. Take heed to your gut. Shut your eyes and use your inner GPS. What course are you being pulled in? Comply with that quite than taking a route of coolheaded logic solely.

8 Life Path  |  The Manifestation Maven

July presents the prospect to discover your relationship with money and energy. The ultimate expression of the eight Life Path is in attainment of monetary success that you simply use to profit others. But you could have an intense journey determining what money means to you. This month presents area for you to explore difficult emotions. A guide which may feed your process now’s Tosha Silver’s It’s Not Your Money: How To Reside Absolutely From Divine Abundance. Make sure to additionally take pleasure in taking some well-earned breaks to refuel for subsequent month.

9 Life Path  |  The Inspired Altruist

9 Numerology

This month might require a deep excavation of your perception techniques—and it gained’t really feel mild and airy. As a 9 Life Path, you chisel away at life’s illusions. Yet, you additionally handle to be a hopeless romantic. In case you’re tackling a load of problems, think about lightening up a bit! How a few change of surroundings to modify your mindset? This month you’d profit from some rest and reset time. Acquired an enormous artistic concept brewing? Use July to research and gather the knowledge you need before shifting ahead.

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