The GSP Ghost Set – The Absolute Best Beginner Lock Pick Set

Oddly sufficient the primary headache inflicted by this superior craft of lock choosing sometimes isn’t from choosing a lock. Quite it’s prompted from beating one’s face repeatedly towards the closest onerous object whereas making an attempt to determine what the perfect beginner lock decide set is.

With so many several types of picks and random wanting tools on the market in the present day — it’s really a frightening activity for anyone just starting out.

So let’s leap into what exactly you must search for when investing in lock picks, what you must avoid, and why the Peterson GSP Ghost set is arms down one of the best newbie lock decide set on the market!

What Makes the Perfect Beginner Lock Pick Set?

On the subject of choosing your first set of lock picks, it really boils down to two main considerations — the quality and choice of your instruments.

Let’s cover each and see the place the GSP Ghost set matches in!

Quality of Tools

High quality is among the most necessary elements of lock picks, yet it is sadly one which many freshmen are likely to overlook or ignore. There are a number of characteristics that determine the quality of a lock decide.

These qualities not solely affect the lifespan of your picks, but in addition the suggestions they supply you and the general effectiveness they’ve in the lock.

Let’s take a look at few essential traits of an excellent lock decide.

1. Pick Power

Lock picks are thin and fragile creatures by nature which might be designed for the straightforward objective of opposing the pressure of a small spring and the slight amount of friction brought on by binding pins.

But regardless of their fragile nature, beginner’s are likely to have a really heavy hand whereas choosing and are sometimes very abusive to their picks — typically with out figuring out it. In the event you select picks product of a poor material they might simply break or bend — both of which make it troublesome to continue using the software.

Many cheaper picks, like these found on Amazon are simply stamped out of very tender and malleable steel that may bend and break very simply.

This is the place GSP Ghost set has a HUGE advantage over different lock decide sets.

The GSP stands for “Government Steel Picks.”

Authorities steel is a special chrome steel alloy just like the 420 chrome steel that’s utilized in many surgical tools once they don’t want items breaking off into individuals — like scalpels.

So because of this GSP picks are very robust and may put up with a ton of abuse for a long time.

In terms of the quality of the material used, keep in mind that it sometimes prices significantly less to start out with quality picks than it does to switch cheaper ones a number of occasions over. Spend money on high quality, avoid Amazon.

2. Pick Profiles

The profile — or shape — of your picks will immediately affect how effective they can be in the lock.

Totally different manufactures have totally different standards and designs at which they uphold. For example this, let’s look that the widespread brief hook from two totally different common manufactures — Peterson vs. Sparrows.

Peterson vs Sparrows Lock Picks - Pick Profile

As you’ll be able to see, the Peterson brief hook has a much wider and flatter tip while the Sparrows is far thinner and pointer. This distinction could seem slight but it could make an enormous difference in how the lock decide acts on the pins.

Notice that the bottom of the key pin could be very slender and picture the amount of precision it will take to align a pointy tipped hook with that pin and carry it without it slipping off.

This is the place the Peterson brief hook has the benefit for a newbie. Because the tip of the hook is extensive and flat, it is easier to find the pins and control them whereas lifting as they’re less more likely to slip off a flat surface.

Observe that this isn’t stating that Sparrows lock picks are low high quality, but somewhat that they maintain a unique commonplace and profile.

three. Handles

There is something about holding tiny tools in your palms for an extended amount of time that may cause you pain… and not just bodily, however emotional. There are few things worse on this world than being so near opening a lock and having to drop your instruments because of hand cramps or bleeding fingers.

To unravel this affliction the GSP Ghost set has a very ergonomic and cozy plastic handle molded onto every picks.

Every lock pick in the GSP Ghost Set comes with ergonomic plastic handles!

These handles not solely making your choosing periods extra pleasurable, but can even improve the suggestions you receive as a result of more floor space of your hand being on the decide.

Number of Tools

The fact is, you actually don’t need that much to start out lock choosing — truly you don’t much at any talent degree of lock choosing. Most tools are fluff. They are good to have and may make things a lot easier in particular circumstances, however in essence are all slight variations of the same software with very small differences in utility.

Consider a lock decide set as a field of crayons. Sure, having that large box of each colour recognized to man will assist sketch a more detailed drawing, however actually all you need is a pair primary colours to draw and shade any image effectively. A green canine with pink eye will not be the prettiest, however dammit it’s nonetheless a dog and it just needs to love you.

Furthermore, progressing your expertise is about creating your senses and recognizing patterns based mostly on these sensations. As a beginner, swapping between 17 totally different tools will solely offer you 17 totally different variations of the same suggestions. It can be very troublesome to study anything when the knowledge you’re obtain is all the time altering.

In order a beginner, begin with what you need and broaden from there!

However that begs the query, what instruments do you really need in a beginner lock decide set? Let’s begin with the perfect decide selection after which contact on tensioning instruments!

The Best Beginner Lock Picks

When choosing lock picks it’s necessary to know that there are two elementary types of lock choosing — single pin choosing and raking. Each of those types use totally different methods that require totally different types of picks.

It’s additionally necessary to notice that every sort of decide has it’s strengths and weak spot with regard to its effectiveness in particular locks — reminiscent of keyway profiles or pin configurations.

The GSP Ghost set not only consists of an effective number of picks, but in addition picks that flatter each others strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at each decide the Ghost set presents and why it’s ultimate.


The first of our rakes is the Bogota. This is arguably probably the greatest and mostly used rakes and is an absolute should for any newbie lock decide set.

Peterson Bogota #1

This rake has rounded and polished peaks that scale back friction and allow them to slide and slide like butter inside the lock while raking. Because of the triple peak, they will manipulate a number of pins on the similar time!

The Bogota could be very effective towards high-low-high-low pin cuts, which is something many different kinds of rakes can’t claim.

Word: The GSP Ghost set consists of two Bogotas in several thicknesses — one in .025″ for normal locks and one in .018″ for those smaller keyways!

The way to Use

Probably the most widespread methods of utilizing the Bogota is probably the most traditional raking method referred to as scrubbing. Merely apply mild pressure, insert your decide to the back of the keyway and begin scrubbing the pins as you’d if brushing your tooth.

How to pick a lock with a rake

As you rake, slightly modify the angle of your decide to make sure the peaks of the Bogota have an opportunity to set shorter reduce pins.

The Bogota may also be effectively used with the rocking method. This system is demonstrated with our subsequent decide — the Metropolis Rake!

City Rake

The City rake will get it’s names from it’s resemblance to a city skyline and has a really comparable profile to that of the bitting of a key. Other widespread names for this rake are the “L Rake” or the “Long Ripple.”

Peterson Long Ripple Rake

Because this decide is used in a rocking manner, it rotates around the middle of its profile making it very efficient towards locks with high minimize pins in the back and front and low reduce pins in the middle. That is illustrated within the animation under!

Methods to Use

Many newbie’s make the error of utilizing the City rake like most different rakes — that’s in a scrubbing manner as demostrated above with the Bogota.

Nevertheless, the City rake was truly designed and is most effectively used in a rocking method!

To use this decide first apply mild rigidity to the plug. Then insert your decide to back of the keyway and begin frivolously rocking the decide by changing its angle inside the lock.

How to rake a lock with a City Rake

As you’re rocking, slowly transfer the decide out and in of the lock to make sure that every pin is manipulated!

Brief Hook

Single pin choosing is a recreation of pin point precision and finesse. So the simplest picks shall be those that may:

  1. Easily manipulate particular person pins.
  2. Is agile enough to not bump something unintentionally.

Top-of-the-line recognized designs that is both exact and agile is the brief hook!

Peterson Short Hook - The best and most versatile lock pick

Because of it’s shorter profile, the brief hook lets you maneuver in both open and tight areas. That is superb for selecting the vast majority of pin tumblers.

The brief hook is usually probably the most used and versatile software in any lock pickers arsenal. Mastery of this decide is usually correlated with mastery of lock choosing itself. So if there was however one single decide that you simply have been to have, it must be the brief hook!

The way to Use

The brief hook and the remaining lock picks on this listing utilize the talent of single pin choosing which is past the scope of this guide. To discover ways to decide a lock with single pin choosing take a look at our free Beginner’s Crash Course!

But in case you’re curious, here’s a fast animation of how the brief hook works!

How to pick a lock with single pin picking

Deep and Offset Hooks

As versatile and highly effective as the brief hook is, typically it just doesn’t have the reach wanted to easily get round tough pin configurations. Some locks are pinned a fashion that makes reaching and setting particular pins very troublesome.

But having a further hook with slightly bit longer attain for those tough situations can shortly turn a headache into an open lock. Deeper and offset hooks can help you attain pins additional back within the stack without the prospect of oversetting the more forward pins.

They are additionally extraordinarily helpful for setting excessive reduce pins which are behind low reduce pins and is used exactly just like the brief hook — that’s as a single pin choosing software!

Oversetting Pins

So let’s take a look at two very powerful variations of deeper and offset hooks which might be included within the GSP Ghost Set!

The Deep Hook

The Deep hook — also called Peterson’s Hook 5 — is just an extended version of the brief hook that makes it very straightforward to select those sneaky brief pins which are hiding behind longer minimize pins.

As well as, these picks are VERY useful in dealing with extremely paracentric keyways.

Make sure to take a look at LockPickingLawyer’s video on Tips on how to Pick Paracentric Keyways! It’s an absolute golden nugget of data and can illustrate the importance and use of those hooks better than I ever might.

Peterson Hook #5

Peterson Attain

The Peterson Attain is an offset hook that mixes the reach of the deep hook and the agileness of the brief hook. It has very a low profile on the shank that permits it to squeeze into tight places and is great for rotating pins if you find yourself working with high-security locks.

Peterson Reach Full

In order that’s it! With regards to lock picks this is all you’ll really ever need and the GSP Ghost set provides it all!

Tensioning Instruments

It is stated that lock choosing is 90% how you employ your tensioning instruments (turning instruments for the purists) and 10% every little thing else. I are likely to agree.

Excluding follow, tensioning is the only most necessary facet of lock choosing, but it’s the most missed and undervalued.

When it comes down to picking your turning software crucial thing to remember is that the majority of the suggestions you receive from the lock comes out of your turning tools and it is crucial that you simply use one that may give you probably the most feedback attainable.

That is yet one more place the place the GSP Ghost set shines vibrant!

It supply 6 non twisty pressure wrenches in quite a lot of thickness, width, and size that may match just about any sized keyway!

It’s all the time greatest to have a number of sizes of rigidity wrenches because the lip of the lock between the plug and lock physique may cause issues in the event you don’t use the right measurement wrench — as an example in case you use a wrench that’s too small it will possibly bind towards the lock and you gained’t be capable of correctly torque the plug. But, in case you use one too massive, nicely then you might not have any room for a decide.

Also as newbie you ideally need to start with a non twisty type of rigidity wrench.

Not Twisty Tension Wrench

The twists in rigidity wrenches act just like a spring and dampen the vibrations shifting by means of the wrench.

To raised illustrate this, consider the springs used in the suspension system of a automotive. In the event you have been to hit a pothole, the springs will take up and dampen the vibrations you are feeling as a driver. Nevertheless, in the event you have been to take out the springs and drive over that same pothole… properly let’s simply say you as a driver would know you hit it.

Keep in mind that in relation to choosing, suggestions is every little thing. We need to feel every pothole, velocity bump, and crack in street as we metaphorically drive our lock picks up and down the pins of a lock. So you’ll want to begin with flat rigidity wrenches!

This set also includes a zero.040″ pry bar. These are absolutely superb tools that let you rigidity the lock from the highest of the keyway. This not solely solves some frustrating problems — like potential pin oversets –, but in addition provides you a ton of additional room in the keyway to work.

Peterson Pry Bar LITE No Teeth

One other great advantage of utilizing a prybar in the prime of the keyway is that it torques the lock’s core from the center which aids us in two methods.

  1. First, typically bottom of the keyway rigidity wrenches rub and bind on the body of the lock. This friction provides undesirable and distorted suggestions to the picker in addition to simply being outright frustrating.
  2. Secondly, there isn’t any probability of binding the lock’s core. Some lock manufactures have specifically designed cores that may typically bind if tensioned from the underside – reminiscent of some fashions of American Locks.


The GSP Ghost set is among the greatest beginner lock decide units with the power to select a ridiculous variety of locks without having some other tools — primarily making it probably the most versatile small type decide units on the market.

Moreover, because newbies are typically rougher on their tools, it’s far less possible that a novice will break a GSP.

When you havent but take a look at the GSP Ghost Set right here!

And when you nonetheless find that the GSP Ghost set is just not quite your velocity I might hightly advocate finding a set just like its setup from one other manufacture or constructing one like it.

I hope that in the event you take something away from this guide it’s to spend money on high quality and that as a beginner you don’t need a lock decide set with 50 totally different picks. You only want a couple of good picks and handful of tensioning instruments to overcome the excessive majority of locks on the market.

Glad Choosing!