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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Recap

That definitely was brutal, wasn’t it? (Additionally: dimly lit. I do know it was nighttime and all, but come on, HBO, you’ll be able to’t afford lighting rigs?)

There have been wins (so many wins!) and losses that undoubtedly harm, though I have to admit, there were fewer massive deaths than I was expecting. But we still have a couple of episodes left this season, so I assume they didn’t need to run out of fan favourites too early.

The Night time King and his large military of the lifeless have arrived, and Winterfell’s inhabitants and armies put together for battle. It’s tense, as one may anticipate. The non-combatants are despatched right down to the crypts whereas I’m wondering why the hell anybody thought that may be one of the best place to ship all of these individuals when dealing with an enemy who can increase the lifeless. It’s not like at the very least Jon isn’t conscious of the Night time King’s capability to try this–he witnessed it firsthand at Hardhome, right?

Anyway, right down to the crypts they go, the women, youngsters, Varys, Sansa, and Tyrion. Sansa and Tyrion get to have some good chats while they’re down there. He type of jokingly (perhaps?) suggests they might give their marriage one other attempt to she virtually laughs in his face, because I feel Sansa’s fairly executed on the entire marriage factor, for some time no less than. She provides the excuse that their divided loyalties would make issues too awkward, although since Jon and Dany are on the identical aspect now, where’s the division?

Up prime, things are about to get started when who should arrive however Melisandre! Welcome again, Purple Lady! Good timing, as a result of if you’re dealing with a zombie hoard, you need a witch at your aspect.

She walks as much as the Dothraki, who are all mounted, swords drawn, ready to charge. She grasps one sword, utters a spell, and all the swords instantly burst into flame. See? Helpful! It’s also a very impressive visual.

The Dothraki then charge off into the night time, as a result of I assume they’re the Mild Brigade on this state of affairs. I imply, I’m no army tactician, however why are they doing this? It’s suicide! Why not anticipate the wights to return to them?

We watch because the flaming swords are extinguished one after the other in the far distance. A couple of horses–and Jorah, who led the cost–come galloping again. Yeah, that’s not good.

The wights march ahead and the battle begins in earnest outdoors the partitions of the fort. It’s not going properly. Dany, watching with Jon from a bluff that looks actually distant, decides it’s time to step in. How about it? Jon tries to dissuade her, and I’d really wish to know what’s happening here. Why are they so distant? Why doesn’t Jon need her to interact? I feel I missed something.

Dany won’t be held again. She mounts up, and Jon does too, and the 2 of them experience their dragons and begin burning off the wights.

It helps, however it’s not enough. And then the Night time King exhibits up driving his personal dragon, and magics up a blizzard that performs hell on dragon navigation.

Down under, things get so dangerous the army has to retreat into the fort. As the soldiers pour in, the commanders determine it’s time to mild an enormous flame trench that’s been dug across the citadel. Good plan, guys! Solely drawback is, Dany was purported to mild it with the dragon, and she will’t see the sign because of the blizzard she’s stuck in. They struggle flaming arrows, but they’re not robust sufficient. Fortunately, Melisandre’s a dab hand with flames and manages to get the factor lit magically, just within the nick of time. It holds the wights again simply long enough for the inhabitants of Winterfell to catch their breaths.

However it was never going to be that straightforward. Some of the wights step forward and just throw themselves on prime of the flames. Then more, then more, until there’s a path and the wight army starts pouring via and scaling the walls.

And now, it’s ON.

The preventing is fierce, and everybody’s really bringing their A recreation. Apart from Sam, who is waaaaaay out of his depth here. He’s almost killed by a wight, however saved by Edd, who is then stabbed within the back and becomes the primary casualty we care about. Farewell, Edd! We keep in mind you again within the early days of the Night time’s Watch. Now, your watch has ended.

Shifting alongside, a goddamn zombie big bursts by means of the gates, throwing Lyanna Mormont aside as if she have been an ant. The thing begins swinging its membership around, and Lyanna regains her ft, clearly badly harm, but not about to provide in because these Bear Island people are fierce, my pals. They breed ’em robust up north.

With a primal scream, she costs this monumental factor, which picks her up and begins crushing her to demise in its hand. As she’s dying, she manages to stab it within the eye with a knife, killing the enormous. Yeah, that’s right: the last act of a ten-year-old (or so) woman being crushed to dying by an undead big was to take that bastard down together with her.

Damn, Lyanna.

Out in the Godswood, things are still fairly quiet. This provides Theon a chance to inform Bran how sorry he’s about, properly, just about every shitty thing he’s ever carried out that obtained him so far in his life. Bran, as is his wont, is principally like, ‘yeah, well, it’s what needed to happen to get us here, proper?’

He then wargs right into a flock of crows so he can see what’s happening within the battle.

The wights strategy, and Theon and the opposite guards arm themselves with bows and arrows and get ready for a battle.

Back in the fort, Arya is all over, taking out wights with that spear she had Gendry make her, throwing herself from rooftops, and racing up and down corridors. She finds herself within the library, which is actually quiet. Sadly, some wights have made their method there as nicely, so we get several very tense minutes of her shifting silently, evading them, and eventually managing to flee, solely to be confronted by a contingent of wights that begin chasing her down.

She runs, and eventually finds Beric and the Hound, who’s just been shaken out of one of his fire-induced PTSD episodes by Beric. A struggle ensues, and Beric winds up being killed whereas protecting Arya.

Arya and the Hound manage to barricade themselves in the Great Corridor, the place Melisandre’s cooling her heels. She and Arya have one of those, ‘I know you,’ exchanges, and Melisandre reminds Arya that she predicted the woman would ‘close a lot of eyes. Brown eyes, green eyes, and blue.’ She additionally tells Arya that the Lord of Mild stored bringing Beric again for a cause, however now his objective has been served. As a result of that cause was preserving the life of Arya Stark.

Arya thinks about that, after which begins heading out of the hall.

Again outdoors, things are wanting dire certainly. Dany finally manages to get the Night time King on the bottom, and she or he has her dragon unleash a stream of hearth on him, only to find that he’s impervious to dragon hearth as well as the whole lot else. Properly, the Youngsters of the Forest have been nothing if not thorough.

The Night time King smirks, and then does his resurrection trick, bringing back all the lifeless troopers in Winterfell, as well as all the lifeless our bodies within the crypt, which begin attacking the individuals hiding down there. See? I knew that was a nasty concept! And are Ned and Catelyn and Lyanna amongst the attackers now?

It’s hopeless. That’s obtained to be what everybody’s considering at this point. I imply, they’re preventing wights and now all their lifeless comrades.

Jon’s racing by way of the citadel, making an attempt to avoid assaults by the Night time King’s dragon, making an attempt to get to Bran, who can also be underneath attack proper now.

Theon and the others are operating out of arrows.

Dany is knocked off her dragon and shortly surrounded by wights, solely to be saved by Jorah, who comes in swinging. Dany manages to arm herself, and the 2 battle side-by-side.

Within the Godswood, the arrows run out. The opposite soldiers are killed off, one by one, until only Theon is left. The Night time King comes striding in, able to take Bran, who sits there calmly. As Theon unblinkingly faces his inevitable fate right here, Bran gently tells him he’s a very good man. Awww! And wow, some glimpse of humanity from Bran! He’s nonetheless human in any case!

Theon tries to not cry, having been advised the one factor he needed to hear to convey the longest redemption arc of any tv present I’ve ever seen to an in depth. He takes his sword and rushes the Night time King, only to be predictably killed in a few second. As he lies there, within the snow, slowly dying, the Night time King steps past him and approaches Bran.

However then–Jesus–Arya comes flying out of absolutely nowhere. The Night time King instantly grabs her by the throat and lifts her. She drops her knife…

…and manages to catch it together with her different hand and plunge it into the bastard’s chest.

The Night time King explodes into one million shards of ice. The lifeless fall on the spot and truly stay lifeless. Jon blinks in confusion on the now-dead dragon. Everybody else type of simply stands there, in all probability wondering if this is some variety of trick.

After a short while, they realise this is actual. They’ve gained. However there’s no rejoicing to be had. The lifeless are too many, the tragedies too raw. Jorah has fallen, protecting his khaleesi, and Dany sobs over him. Her dragon lands, encircling her and Jorah with its physique and wings, as if to consolation her, which is oddly touching.

However Winterfell is saved. Daybreak is breaking. And Melisandre has apparently determined that her work on this earth is completed. Watched by Davos, she steps out of the fort and begins walking across the battlefield. She drops her necklace as she goes, ages swiftly, and falls, turning to mud. The final casualty of the long night time.

That was intense! It took them one thing like two months to shoot this one episode, and regardless of the lighting issues, I’d say it was nicely spent. Also, it was sensible of them to convey back the director of The Battle of the Bastards, because that was one other nice battle episode for this present. The man is aware of the way to combine quiet moments with unimaginable slaughter and spectacle in a method that, unusually, is sensible.

Couple of stray thoughts:

Jon doesn’t seem to be one of the best battle commander, does he? I imply, his monitor report while preventing around Winterfell isn’t great. Sure, his aspect has gained, however it’s principally because of complete luck, not as a result of of his own talent. He virtually acquired his men worn out in the course of the Battle of the Bastards; it was only the timely arrival of the military from the Eyrie (summoned by Sansa) that turned the tide. And this time, he wasn’t even taking a command place, simply hanging around on a bluff that seemed to be miles away. It fell to a different Stark daughter to save lots of the day. The women are superb. Jon, perhaps not so much. I feel he lets emotion get in the best way too much at Winterfell; it clouds his judgement.

I’m truly stunned the Night time King was defeated this week. I assumed at the least he’d get away, so the very end of the collection would revolve round getting rid of him utterly. As an alternative they’re going to struggle… Cersei? Euron? I imply, yes, our heroes’ numbers are enormously depleted right here, but nonetheless, that appears variety of anticlimactic. They only fought an army of frigging zombies and an almost unkillable leader, and now they’re going up towards the two idiots from the south? Eh.

However I’m positive there’ll be more to it than that. I positive hope so. I have religion.