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Does RSD Pickup Work in Japan, Korea, and China?

A few month in the past, certainly one of my college students posted a YouTube video to one among our personal boot camp Alumni only group chats.  In it, Julien from RSD is speaking about choosing up women in Tokyo, Japan.  I watched it, shrugged my shoulders and moved on shortly forgetting about it, figuring out that with what he’s educating my livelihood and the long term future of Asian Courting Monthly is certainly not threatened with this type of novice instruction which you’ll be able to see under.

Then just yesterday, one other one of many guys, posts the identical actual video but subtitled by a Japanese woman to my Facebook page and then at this time I wake up to a LINE message from Taisho with a hyperlink to an article concerning the subtitled video and Julien’s upcoming return to Tokyo to teach guys tips on how to get Japanese women—one in every of many lambasting him.

Predictably with these type of outrageous techniques, there’s a number of dialogue about how that is sexual assault, accusing him of racism and, in fact, sexism…now these accusations might all be true, however I don’t actually care about that.  I’m extra of a, “show me the money!” sort of guy, so all I care about is that if any of this works.

However earlier than we get to that…

“Gaijin Smash!”

The first thing to comprehend is that that is nothing new.  The previous Japan arms like myself(I arrived in Japan in 2000), know this type of conduct as “Gaijin Smash” which is outlined in the Urban Dictionary as:

A way utilized by foreigners, or gaijin, in Japan in order to impose their will on the japanese.

The willfull breaking of Japanese conference guidelines by one who isn’t Japanese (a forigner cf. a gaijin)

When a gai-jin, foreigner, breaks Japanese cultural conventions intentionally or mistakenly, and then ignores anybody who tries give a reproach for their conduct.

Pretending not to perceive the Japanese language and deliberately talking dangerous Japanese to get out of any state of affairs.


A foreigner in Japan, flaunting Japanese social conventions and appearing loopy and wild and thumbing his nose on the locals is previous hat.  Japanese let it slide as a result of most of it’s out of pure ignorance and as a result of they assume that us foreigners are too stupid to probably perceive the intricacies of the highly developed Japanese tradition (also, we’re in all probability leaving their country soon anyway).

For Japanese, seeing foreigners doing “Gaijin Smash”, is both idiotic, annoying and perplexing, like being stuck in a type of automated customer support hotline menu mazes, or endearing and cute like watching little youngsters, or meerkat cubs play on some nature present.

Back once I first moved to Japan, I used to be searching in a guide store with my first Japanese girlfriend.  Sooner or later, she came to visit and informed me that we would have liked to go away because the shop was closing.  I appeared round and didn’t discover anything odd and informed her that they didn’t seem like they have been closing anytime soon to me but she continued to insist that we actually ought to depart.  With extra questioning about how she knew they have been closing, she pointed on the ceiling and stated, “They’re playing ‘the song’!”

“The Song” is in fact, is Auld Lang Syne, which once I hear it now, after more than a decade dwelling in Japan, results in a slightly robust Pavlovian urge to stop no matter I’m doing and head for the exits instantly.  For the Japanese, who have grown up in Japan all their lives, the social conditioning is even stronger.  Individuality isn’t glorified like it’s in western tradition either, the place it’s widespread and anticipated that you simply attempt to stand out and set yourself aside from others, so seeing individuals act in a different way is even more intriguing and sudden.

Why RSD pickup doesn't work in Japan

Once I was studying recreation alone in Japan in the early/mid 2000’s, I did a number of pretty wild issues too.  One early morning as the clubs have been closing and everybody was streaming out of the night time clubs and bars to the subway stations for residence, I stood on Dotounbori in Osaka with a field of condoms and blatantly steered to women passing by that she, the field and I should go somewhere extra personal using  pointing alone to speak; many occasions, I wore a pretend Hawaiian lei in broad daylight walking down the street; I even used to ask women if they’d ever touched a foreigner earlier than and then stuck out my arm for them to have a really feel.

At one level in my improvement, I had a rule to get a makeout with at the very least one woman each time I went out (and I did and it felt awesome!)  However a curious thing happened:

I didn’t have intercourse with ANY of these women!!  In truth, most of them wouldn’t even go on dates with me later.


Does RSD Recreation Work in Japan, Korea, and China?

To get women into bed, you need to meet women–the more the higher.

To get women into mattress, it’s a must to be fascinating/memorable/impactful/partaking.

To get women into mattress, you must be bodily.

To get women into mattress, it’s a must to be sexual.

Those are all needed circumstances to maneuver an interplay with a lady in the direction of sex and RSD Julien uses them all.  So, simply by dint of sheer numbers, this can work.  However there are FAR simpler methods than this, especially in the event you’re on the lookout for a top quality lady.

So, yes, I’m positive he had sex with a couple of women whereas he was in Tokyo, but so what?  In Asia, sex is literally a commodity.  Guys purchase it every day with none shame.  Hundreds of women have it routinely with guys for love, consideration, presents, profit, or simply for fun and excitement.  I have pals who repeatedly take part in gang bangs, orgies, threesomes with the husband there to observe and/or to participate, stay audience participation intercourse exhibits and extra.  Getting laid is not any huge deal, especially should you don’t really care who it’s with, or what occurs after the bumping and grinding is over.

Aristotle stated it about anger, but I’ll say it about intercourse:

Everyone can get laid, that’s straightforward. But getting laid with the suitable individual, with the appropriate intensity, on the right time, for the appropriate reasons and in the suitable means—that’s arduous.

-Aristotle (bastardized)

Easy methods to Be Successful with Japanese Women—Without Being a Creep

On the entire, Japanese are quite fun loving individuals.  Like everybody, they have their stress, but they’re champs at having an excellent time.  Witness Halloween when the streets go mad with revelers dressed up clogging the streets of Roppongi and Shibuya—when Christmas rolls around, the clubs can be crammed with women in knee excessive boots, sporting little Santa outfits.  The Japanese will use virtually any excuse to chop unfastened from their normal on a regular basis lives and you see this in the proliferation of many various sub-cultures and in all the seasonal actions and celebrations they have.

Japanese, in common, don’t anticipate and don’t (often) get much achievement out of their jobs, so when work is over, for those who’re offering fun occasions, then they will be very happy to suit you into their busy schedules.  A whole lot of Japanese humor is extra on the slapstick aspect, so while in the west, many courting coaches train you to keep away from being enjoyable and entertaining and as an alternative ought to give attention to “self-amusement”, Japanese women will merely enjoy the enjoyable and games and love you for it.

Facial expressions are key!

One factor that can set you aside from different guys and make you rather more fascinating to interact with even if there’s a language barrier, or it’s too loud to hear, is to actually exaggerate your facial expressions.  Men in common have a tendency not to be very expressive and it’s one of the causes that folks love taking a look at youngsters so much.

Ask her if she’s ever been to your metropolis and if she says no, stick out your backside lip, turn down the corners of your mouth, look down and make such as you’re wiping away tears!  Put your entire physique into it to exaggerate your unhappiness and make it even funnier.  Then when she assures you that she doesn’t hate your metropolis, give her a HUGE smile and a high 5.  F-U-N!

Now that she’s having a great time with you, it’s time to up the ante by finding out some cool bits about her.

“Have you ever been snow boarding before?  Sweet!  Do you have a passport?  Why?  Because we’re going to the Swiss Alps, for hot chocolate, in hot tubs, oh YEAH!  No?  You can’t because you have work…QUIT!  I’m sure your boss loves you and will be happy to take you back after our honeymoon trip.  Yes, we’re getting married too.  Don’t tell your mom, let’s surprise her!  Where did you go snow boarding the first time you tried?”

Ask some good comply with up questions on her snow boarding experience, or bounce to another matter like her favorite trip or her dream journey.  Discover out about those issues that genuinely curiosity you.  Like I by no means speak to women about music because it’s not an enormous a part of my life…however for those who love music and you’re keen on reside performances, then DEFINITELY speak about music.  Dig it?

You see, one cool thing about Japanese women and Asian women in common is that in the event that they like you, intercourse is on the table.  In Asian cultures, making associates with random individuals just isn’t normal and subsequently if she’s hanging out with you—a completely random man—then she should have A LOT of interest.  Any quality Japanese, Korean, or Chinese language woman has greater than enough social obligations as it’s with work and high school associates, and College associates, and their buddies from their part time job and their buddies from volleyball club and, and, and, and!

Lastly, Japanese women are involved with what individuals round them assume so hold the touching low key.

Take a look at Japanese couples…you don’t see them ramming their tongues down each others throats or walking down the road with a hand filled with ass.  As an alternative, they quietly and calmly walk up Dogenzaka to the love lodges and wait until they’re behind closed doorways—then they’ll be very happy to place their face in your crotch!  If you wish to stand out and be a REAL gentleman, keep in mind that women come first.

No drive essential.

“Getting one night stands with girls you don’t much like and who don’t much like you is a skill, but  it’s not something I’d spend time learning.”


RSD Julien on Japanese Women in Tokyo