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Bob Lazar Vindicated: Area 51 & Flying Saucers Documentary Review

Whether or not you’re a believer in Area 51 and UFOs or not, the story of Bob Lazar is one that has touched your life indirectly. In case you are a seeker of fact relating to extraterrestrial contact with Earth, you in all probability know his identify.

But even when you do not know his identify, you realize his legacy…

For these not in the know, Robert Scott “Bob” Lazar is a scientist who agreed to an interview with investigative journalist George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS. It was his testimony of working on the S-4 facility near Area 51 which introduced Area 51 into the general public eye.

Now, a new documentary by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell titled Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers sheds new mild on Bob Lazar and his story.

As it turns out, it is a vindicating watch—so much in order that I think even an off-the-cuff viewer who is just not an enormous believer in UFOs would find Lazar’s testimony compelling.

The Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers  Documentary

The new Bob Lazar documentary is part of Corbell’s Extraordinary Beliefs movie collection. Via the movie, Lazar’s story is artfully explored with accompanying narrative from Mickey Rourke.

That is the first time in round three many years that anybody has gotten greater than a peep out of Bob Lazar.

Corbell was capable of interview each him and Knapp extensively and acquired each of them to open up not only concerning the occasions of the past, but in addition how these occasions have formed their lives since.

Watching this documentary, you walk away with more questions than solutions. This can be a portrait of a man moderately than an intensive probe into the validity of his claims or the issues surrounding his credentials. But therein lies its distinction.

The Story the World Knew in 1989

All of it began (for the public, at any fee) back in Might 1989. Bob Lazar first tried to keep his id secret, calling himself “Dennis.” He also hid his face. Throughout that first interview, he talked concerning the work he had accomplished reverse-engineering alien ships and know-how at a facility referred to as S-4 south of Area 51.

Lazar’s id did come out, nevertheless, so the subsequent time he talked to Knapp in an interview (which was later that yr), he did it brazenly.

Following these revelations, Lazar sank back into obscurity. For this reason many individuals have heard of Area 51, however only UFO lovers are likely to know Lazar’s identify or story.

Whereas Lazar’s story might have sounded absurd when he first got here out with it, it captured the imaginations of people all over the world.

It put Area 51 on the map, spawning quite a few pop culture references in movies, tv, and pretty much in all places else you possibly can identify over the many years since. It has made him a part of history—even if the person himself has remained comparatively obscure.

Some of Bob Lazar’s Stories and Claims Have Been Validated With Time

During Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, we get a chance to catch up with Bob Lazar. We see his residence and meet his spouse. We get to tour his administrative center and see him doing his job. We find out concerning the staggering psychological impression which the events of the 80s have had on him.

I will speak more about Lazar as an individual in just a little bit—the insights we get into his character are arguably what makes this documentary such a uncommon gem.

But first, I need to speak a bit extra about Lazar’s claims—and the way a few of them have confirmed to be true through the years since he gave those first interviews.

bob lazar ufo sketch

S-4 and Area 51

The federal government has acknowledged the existence of Area 51, although it took them until 2013 to do it. There’s still no official acknowledgment of facility S-4.

Indeed, NBC News quotes Lazar (at the hyperlink) as saying, “That’s [acknowledging Area 51] a minuscule baby step forward. Maybe a decade from now they’ll acknowledge there’s an S-4.”

Although the government has yet to brazenly admit to S-Four’s existence, their official statements relating to Area 51 give credit to Lazar’s story.

It is attainable too that the federal government has acknowledged the existence of S-4. In response to Knapp in the documentary, “He knew there was a place called S-4. I had called Nellis Air Force Base public information office. They confirmed, told me there was a place called S-4. Now there’s no news story prior to Bob Lazar about any place called S-4. He knew about it.”

This not only appears to affirm the existence of S-Four, but in addition suggests strongly that Bob Lazar did work there. How else might he have recognized about it?

Aspect 115

Subsequent, there’s the matter of Factor 115, which Lazar claimed was used in the alien propulsion techniques to control gravity.

On the time that Lazar made that assertion, there was no such thing as Component 115 within the periodic table. In 2003 nevertheless, a component referred to as “Moscovium” was successfully synthesized in a lab. Since then, it has been referred to by researchers as “Element 115.”

Is it the identical Aspect 115 that Lazar was talking about? Perhaps.

We do not know much about it since it has only been synthesized in incredibly minute amounts. But we do know a pair things about it. First, it is unstable. Second, it is heavy—as in very heavy.

It appears unlikely we’ll get a confirmation anytime soon as as to if the properties of this component would allow it to supply anti-gravity, nevertheless it positive provides us something to consider.

Special Forces Learning UFOs

Speaking of that, the government is considering UFOs. Indeed, the Division of Protection has poured a whopping $22 million into the “Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program” to research the matter. The workplaces for the program have been situated within the C Ring of the Pentagon.

I keep in mind as a child once I was visiting the Pentagon, I questioned the complete time whether or not one thing like that was happening behind one of many closed doorways I walked previous. I can’t inform you how cool it is now realizing that one thing like this truly existed.

Actually, it might nonetheless exist, depending on who you ask—simply in a much less formal capacity than it did when it was actively funded by the Pentagon.

Biometric Tech from S-4

There have been some smaller particulars of Bob Lazar’s stories which have additionally proven to be true.  Probably the most superb things to me in the documentary involved considered one of these revelations. Regardless that it was a minute element, it was concrete and particular.

In his testimony of S-4, Lazar described a sort of biometric identification gadget which was used on the location for entry: “It’s a small plate with some pins on it that you could put between your fingers. There’s a bright light above it … The bright light measures the bones in your finger.”

Corbell managed to find a photograph of gadget fitting that actual description in an article concerning another stealth program. He showed it to Lazar within the documentary. Lazar responded, “I never thought I’d see one of these again,” and laughed with surprise.

Lazar’s response in the movie seems fairly genuine—and the photographs definitely do appear to depict the precise gadget he reported means back in his unique interview.

That is simply one of the quite a few details which people have expressed disbelief in through the years. It makes you marvel how many other weird particulars of Lazar’s testimony are also true.

On that notice, the documentary reveals that Lazar has been subjected to 4 polygraph checks. While lie detector checks clearly are usually not 100% reliable, Lazar’s outcomes can’t be ignored. Whereas they don’t show his story is true, they at the least strongly recommend that he believes it himself.

What About Lazar’s Credentials?

bob lazar movie

Probably the most frustrating points regarding Lazar are his questionable credentials. In line with Lazar, he earned degrees from both Caltech and MIT. Neither establishment has any data stating that he attended, nevertheless, a lot much less earned a level.

It appears that there’s still not adequate info to verify or deny whether Lazar attended these universities. The colleges deny his attendance, however as Lazar himself identified, one does not merely go to work at Los Alamos (see under) proper out of highschool.

Did Lazar work at Los Alamos?

This also will depend on who you ask. Los Alamos, like the 2 schools, has denied that Lazar labored for them. Nonetheless, his identify exhibits up within the Los Alamos Nationwide Lab telephone e-book from that time.

In line with researcher Stanton Friedman nevertheless, “The page from the Los Alamos National Lab phone book with Lazar’s name on it clearly states that it includes employees of the DOE and outside contractor, Kirk Meyer. “K/M” follows Lazar’s identify. This proves he labored for Okay/M, not LANL.”

In fact, all of this might be splitting hairs. Physicist Robert Krangle has apparently said in an interview that Lazar did work there and that he was present at categorized briefings, proving it was within the capacity of a scientist.

Whether or not it was as an employee or contractor might be off the point (typically even employers get confused about how individuals are categorized—simply ask a tax accountant).

As I alluded earlier, this is a type of areas the place the documentary presents extra questions than solutions.

It does, nevertheless, level out that Lazar held his ground relating to his unverifiable background underneath oath in a courtroom in 1990. He was probably dealing with onerous time, so it says quite a bit about his integrity that he didn’t again down.

A Window Into the Lifetime of Bob Lazar—And More Importantly, the Thoughts of Bob Lazar

Now I need to get round to talking about Bob Lazar himself. All through the documentary, you get an opportunity to watch Lazar in his residence and office, and as you do, there are a selection of issues you will discover about him.

To begin with, this man is a reliable scientist who does extremely technical work every day. This isn’t a crackpot—that is somebody who’s clearly very brilliant and really targeted.

The subsequent factor you’ll notice about Lazar is his large authenticity.

Corbell sums this up completely, “I think what a lot of people find really compelling about Bob—he legitimately appeared—and appears sometimes—just perplexed by what he saw.”

It’s true—even earlier than Corbell stated that, I was considering virtually the very same factor. Whereas Lazar talks, he’s trying to explain as concretely as potential what he saw and skilled.

However it’s virtually like you possibly can see right by means of him—and what you see is sincere confusion.

He appears to stumble at occasions internally—not as if he’s trying to conjure up words to describe what he didn’t see, however as if he can’t discover the language to articulate one thing indescribable or weird that he did see.

You’ll be able to virtually see him replaying strange reminiscences behind his eyes, looking for the words—not imagining, but remembering.

Briefly, even Lazar appears to really feel that in some respects, his experiences do not “add up.” They are alien (pun meant) even to him.

Due to this, I feel utterly satisfied that he really believes every word that he says. Whether or not he did actually work on alien crafts at S-4, he definitely had the set of weird experiences which he is reporting.

What Drives Bob Lazar?

area 51

In terms of making an attempt to guage the truth in somebody’s phrases, I feel it is essential not simply to take a look at the best way during which that individual speaks, but in addition to think about his driving values and motivations.

As Lazar tells his story, you begin to understand both why he hasn’t been heard from in so lengthy, and in addition why he felt the need to come forward about S-Four and the work he did there in the first place.

Curiously, Lazar truly doesn’t strike me as being notably wrapped up in extraterrestrials at all. Whereas he acknowledges a way of marvel while recounting his reminiscences, he doesn’t dwell on the existence of aliens at all.

What he does dwell on—and seems so deeply shaken by—is the conduct of humans.

What Lazar will get really impassioned about is authorities secrecy. It disturbs and enrages him that he saw and dealt with extraordinary know-how with the potential to rework human life for the better—and that stated know-how is stored from those that might use it to make the world a better place.

In the long run, what you’re left with is the impression of a surprisingly down-to-earth man with down-to-earth considerations.

Bob Lazar sees the issues which plague human existence, and he believes he additionally was witness to spectacular solutions. The suffering which exists as a result of those options are being held again is unnecessary and inexcusable.

So when Lazar came ahead, it wasn’t as a result of he needed consideration. It was as a result of he felt that morality demanded it.

Left with no different choice by his conscience, he exposed himself to the world’s derision. Since then, he has been referred to as a liar numerous occasions and is extensively believed to be both dishonest or insane.

That might be a horrible burden to hold via life, and it makes it straightforward to know why Lazar is reclusive.

It have to be exhausting enough at occasions to consider the strange issues he has witnessed and been a part of—more durable still to perform whereas being always invalidated by a whole planet.

What individual would put himself by way of such an ordeal with no good cause? The portrait of Lazar that I walked away with after seeing this documentary was one among consistency and integrity. This man did not need to speak to the world about UFOs. He did so as a result of he felt compelled by his experiences.

What Really Occurred to Bob Lazar?

At one point in the course of the documentary, Corbell says to Lazar, “One thing that people say about your story and your experience is that you were a puppet, a marionette, that you had no control over what was going on at that time, that you were taken advantage of, compromised, and you were being used as a source of disinformation.”

This is likely one of the few occasions at which Lazar appears to lose his cool. He insists that Corbell needs to present him with evidence of this declare to be able to make it. He turns into visibly distraught.

This second undoubtedly grabbed me each because of Lazar’s response and since I had already had the same thought myself. In any case, even Lazar discovered it baffling that he was employed for such a unprecedented job within the first place.

It isn’t to say that Lazar wasn’t certified—he was. But certainly there have been others who have been equally or more so and in addition better-networked. Why him and never them?

This definitely leads me to wonder if Lazar wasn’t the sufferer of—as Corbell said—a disinformation campaign. Or maybe he was a part of some psychology experiment.

In each instances although, it will appear fairly dangerous to aim to deceive vibrant, well-educated minds on the chopping edges of their fields.

Still, it seems foolish to low cost the notion. Plus, Lazar’s sudden lack of composure might definitely be linked to some unconscious suspicion that he was being utilized in such a means.

Then again, it’s equally doubtless (if not more possible) that his anger was merely symptomatic of a lifetime of not being believed. There isn’t any approach that has not created everlasting traumatic scars. Corbell in all probability stirred the pot of that trauma together with his assertion, and it simmered to the floor.

In the Finish, Lazar Proves One Factor: He is Value Listening To

Once I reached the top of Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, I nonetheless didn’t know if Bob Lazar really worked on alien spacecrafts.

I nonetheless didn’t know whether human beings have made contact with extraterrestrials or their know-how.

I still did not know whether you’ll be able to create anti-gravity utilizing aspect 115.

I nonetheless did not know whether or not Bob Lazar was employed immediately by Los Alamos or attended MIT or Caltech.

I also nonetheless can’t say definitively whether Bob Lazar is telling the truth.

But I can say that if he is a liar, he is a particularly convincing one.

As it’s, he satisfied me if nothing else that he did work at a secret authorities facility (in all probability S-4), and that he did work on some sort of extraordinary know-how there.

He additionally satisfied me that he’s a grounded, rational, constant, considerate human being with nice integrity and that his experiences, no matter their which means, are valid.

Greater than that, he got here throughout to me as a deeply moral one that is committed to fact and human welfare.

That’s one thing all of us can study from and emulate.

We’d like more individuals like Bob Lazar who are prepared to blow the whistle, to stick to their guns, to stand up for the truth of their experiences even within the face of criticism and contempt.

If we do this, perhaps we will make this world a better place for everybody, with or with out the help of alien know-how.  And perhaps we’ll truly make this a planet value visiting.