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12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All Times

Being prepared means being ready all the time; at the very least in my ebook it does. That may be a bit challenging at occasions, especially since we don’t really know what life goes to throw our means. That’s why I all the time carry an entire survival package as part of my EDC, along with emergency gear in my automotive. This consists of quite a lot of food gadgets, so that I all the time have something to eat with me.

Granted, there are few places where you possibly can drive on this great land of ours, the place you aren’t going to seek out meals to eat. Even so, I’ve been in a couple of. I’ve additionally been stranded in my automotive quite a lot of occasions, whether or not because of mechanical failure or just being stuck in visitors. At these occasions, it’s good to have one thing to eat, especially something for the youngsters to eat. They only don’t perceive phrases like, “There isn’t a McDonald’s here in the middle of nowhere.”

Preserving meals in your automotive can even help out with a variety of other emergency and semi-emergency situations, comparable to low blood sugar, heat exhaustion and simply low power. So it actually is sensible to maintain meals in the automotive, even when you’re not considering bug out or getting stranded. Now the one query is, what to maintain? Listed here are the varieties of things I discover helpful to keep in mine.


I all the time begin out by placing a few gallons of water within the automotive. I know some individuals choose to make use of bottles, however I discover that I can carry more water in less area, if I use gallons. If I have to drink that water, I can simply pour it into water bottles; but when I need to use it for the automotive, gallons are more convenient.

The water bottle in this image is aluminum. I all the time use metallic water bottles, as a result of they can be put in the hearth. So, I can use this water bottle to purify water, to warmth up water for coffee and to heat up water for soup. That’s an entire lot higher than using a plastic water bottle and needing to have something additional for heating up water.

Gatorade Powder

12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesI reside in a scorching part of the nation, so it’s commonplace to overheat and turn out to be dehydrated from sweating an excessive amount of. Many individuals cope with that here by consuming copious quantities of Gatorade. Carrying liquid Gatorade in bottles is one choice, however it takes up area. Since I’m carrying water anyway, I tend to hold the powdered Gatorade, quite than the bottles.

In fact, the container of powdered Gatorade is fairly giant too; concerning the measurement of a quantity 10 can. So for the automotive, I simply dump some of it right into a labeled. This jar held pickles at one time, till I cleaned it out and repurposed it for my Gatorade. A plastic container would work too.

You may want some immediate espresso, as well as your Gatorade, especially should you do a number of driving at night time. With the metallic water bottle and a option to start fires, you’ll be all set to make yourself a cup of espresso, even in case you are in the midst of nowhere.


12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesMy favorite snack food is jerky. Nutritious, low calorie and it is meat; what more might you ask for? The American Indians made jerky as survival meals and our early ancestors discovered that from them. While there are different places on the planet which make something comparable, our jerky custom goes again to these early Indians.

Jerky also supplies you with one thing you can make a meal out of. Mix it with Ramen noodles and are available dried veggies and also you’ve obtained a fairly respectable soup; one thing that may hold you going and warm you up on a chilly night time.

Simply keep in mind that you’ll want to switch your jerky periodically, should you don’t eat it. Heat will draw the oils out of it, drying it even farther.

Ramen & Dried Greens

12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesGood previous Ramen is the school staple. I assume each school scholar goes by means of a time once they reside off of it. It’s an amazing source of carbohydrates to offer you power to maintain you going. Mix it with some minimize up jerky and a few dehydrated vegetables and you may have a much heartier soup.

This type of Ramen comes with the dried vegetables already combined in. I often dry my very own, but I’m out of them till harvest time, so I purchased the type that comes with veggies. Whereas a bit costlier, it actually doesn’t value all that much. Apart from, it comes with a cup to mix it in.

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Dry Fruit

12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesTalking of carbohydrates, fruit is another wonderful supply for them. When you have somebody with low blood sugar, giving them fruit is far safer than giving them a sweet bar. The pure fructose sugar is far easier for the physique to digest and gained’t shock their system like candy will.

Dried fruit also offers you with something that’s straightforward to take along, if it’s a must to depart your automotive for any cause; whether resulting from emergency, taking a hike or for work. A bag of dried fruit in your pocket can hold away hunger pains for the entire afternoon.

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Canned Fruit

12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesCanned fruit, like dried fruit, is a superb source of carbohydrates and sugar. Some individuals favor it. I wouldn’t need to carry this round in a backpack, because of the additional weight; however final I checked, that a lot weight isn’t going to hassle anybody’s automotive.

These mandarin oranges and applesause are “canned” in plastic cups, with foil lids. That works nicely for short-term canning; however not for long-term (greater than a yr). The plastic may launch some chemical compounds into the fruit during scorching occasions, so you need to be careful about that. Even so, canned fruit may be far more refreshing than dried if you want one thing to eat.

Granola Bars

12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesI’m virtually as massive a fan of granola bars for emergency food as I am of jerky. It’s value spending the money to buy the better manufacturers, despite the fact that they are significantly costlier. But the quantity of vitamin you get from these better manufacturers makes them well worth the cash.

Granola bars are nice, in that they are a really perfect pick-me-up type of snack, packing a whole lot of carbohydrates right into a small quantity of meals. Be careful for those with chocolate or yoghurt, as those components can melt, making a multitude so that you can cope with.

Nuts & Sunflower Seeds

12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesNuts are a great supply of each fat and protein. Of all the nutrients we eat, protein is among the most essential, as the physique can’t actually synthesize it properly, with out having consumed proteins to interrupt down into amino acids. Fats digest slower than carbohydrates, offering you with long-term power to burn. Consuming a mixture of fats and carbohydrates collectively will maintain you going for hours.

I all the time maintain sunflower seeds available, as nicely. Like nuts, they give you protein and fat, but additionally they do one thing else; they assist maintain you awake. When you’re driving long distances, particularly at night time, consuming sunflower seeds when you are driving will maintain you lively enough that you could in all probability hold driving all through the night time.

Arduous Candies & Gum

12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesThese may be a bit shocking, however I have good cause for holding them in my automotive. To start with, arduous candies are great for that quick burst of sugar, whenever you want some power. They’re an entire lot safer to eat than taking power drinks too. However additionally they work that will help you in case you have a sore throat and don’t have any throat lozenges around. Typically, I simply carry the throat lozenges, and use them as onerous candy.

Peppermint can also be helpful for settling an upset abdomen or relieving pain. Peppermint essential oil is likely one of the greatest ways to relieve complications there’s. So in the event you’re in ache, have a headache or have indigestion, mints are good to have.

The gum isn’t as much for use as candy, as it’s for relieving the strain in your ears, when changing altitude shortly. In case you’ve spent any time traveling by air or in the mountains, you’re acquainted with the need to pop your ears every now and again. Chewing gum helps with that. It could also assist to keep you awake while driving at night time, identical to the sunflower seeds.

Breakfast Cereal

12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesThis is for the kiddies. If in case you have young children, breakfast cereals, particularly candy breakfast cereals are one of the best ways of quieting them down, when they are hungry. Not solely do they like the style, however they like eating the cereal out of these cool little containers. Yeah, you possibly can put it in baggies too; but for the worth, these are value it.


12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesMany people have touted Doritos as a fireplace starter. Truly, what they’re is an effective tinder for a fireplace.

The mixture of the dried corn and the oils they’re cooked in, make the chips burn nicely. You possibly can even ignite the with a spark, let alone utilizing a flame to get them going.

For those who don’t want them for a fireplace, I suppose you possibly can all the time eat them. Doritos, like another chips, are a very good supply of carbohydrates.

Being made from corn, relatively than potato, they in all probability digest a bit of slower; in order that they’ll enable you to really feel full longer, than in case you have been just eating potato chips.


12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All TimesThis is another one that you simply may assume is a bit unusual; however there’s good cause for it.

Whether or not you’re in an actual survival state of affairs or you’re just stranded someplace, there’s a great probability that you simply’ll end up consuming things that you simply may in any other case not need to eat.

However whenever you’re hungry, you go for what’s out there, right?

But that doesn’t mean that it’s a must to choke it down in case you don’t prefer it. Quite, convey some spices with you, so to make it extra interesting. It’s superb what you are able to do with just some spices, especially if they’re stronger flavors that you simply like.

Each of the container types proven under have been purchased on eBay.

The ones with the pink stoppers are small check tubes and the others are just miniature containers. I wrote on them with a Sharpie marker and I’d advocate masking that with tape, in order that the marking doesn’t wipe off. Put the closed containers in a small zipper bag, so that nothing can rub towards the lids and open them.

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